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We, an IT technologies and development company, originally named as Netic System Limited, was established in year 2003, has been renovated to DataPoint System Limited in year 2017.

We possess professional staffs of Chartered Computer and Software Engineers. We have been for the recent years focusing on technologies of cloud and handy business application solutions including Data Management, Data Applications, Business Applications.

Our 2 flagship products, DataPoint and ChatPoint, are state-of-the-art application tools with cloud technologies to further enhance the values of our client's investment, and empower our clients with the best cloud systems and solutions:


DataPoint, a system of data aggregator and rebuilder to optimize your business operations and analysis, is a software product for non-technical users to build unlimited number of applications and efficiently manage data with comprehensive product function.



ChatPoint, a highly integrated cloud system, is a revolutionary document management and conference collaboration system blended with artificial intelligence, which unifies groups, folders, files, and chats into one complete team solution, with superior tracking and search capabilities.

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