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Remote document management, cloud storage and remote access

Virtual meeting and conference across various companies and individuals

Virtual and remote team management, instant communications

Image text recognition, 

instant, attachable with extra text, option to auto form searchable PDF

ChatPoint, a highly integrated cloud system, is a revolutionary document management and conference collaboration system blended with artificial intelligence, which unifies groups, folders, files, and chats into one complete team solution, with superior tracking and search capabilities, moving you and your teams forward to operation excellence. Messages and sharing are made available not just to your today's team members, but also to those joining later.

Key functional components of ChatPoint:

  • Highly integrated collaborations and comprehensive file and folder management

  • Speedy switching the logins to external companies and user accounts

  • Document Chat, i.e. any document can act as a chatroom to increase the dimension of collaboration around documents

  • Definable layered keywords to multi-categorize any single file

  • Intelligent text recognition to recognize image text content and auto-associate with the original image file, and instantly store for speedy search from file records

  • Conference channeling allows more external companies and contacts to concurrently collaborate, rather than utilizing the file-sharing mechanism, as file sharing is not safe for external companies who will lose dialogues and files if the host disconnects them

  • Mobile access control mechanism to restrict only authorized mobiles can login, which further empowers the security control to reduce impact on the easy losing of mobile devices

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